Loan amount from Rs. 5 Lakhs to Rs. 50 Lakhs

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Business Loan is the financial product that ensures consistent flow of funds for SME business to maintain its growth momentum and business expansion. It is the type of unsecured loan, which enables the borrower to leverage its benefits without putting any asset/commodity as collateral.

Self-employed individuals and ventures use the business loan as an instrument to pay off the debts, investing in new machinery, funding day-to-day business operations and to fuel other business activities that needs continuous finance flow.

RattanIndia Finance is the prime resort to business organisations, which need financial support to stabilize and boost their venture. In order to ensure continuity in business operations without encouraging any delay, we approve the business loan in few hours through our online interface of accepting and approving loan applications.

Our financial services are meant to target business organizations in different sectors especially catering to SMEs and MSMEs. Encouraging self-employed individuals and business enterprises for their effort in adding to the economy is our commitment.

Quick sanctioning of loan application, transparency in processing, speedy disbursal are the integral way our working culture that seeds trust in our clients.

Why Choose RattanIndia Finance?

RattanIndia Finance is the reliable choice to avail business loan for different types of business organizations or manufacturing units. We cover micro to large-scale business ventures that need financial fuel continuously to be at par in their industries. Our instant service, online processing, quick disbursal of loan amount and other compatible features add to our services.

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