Loan amount from Rs. 10 Lakhs to Rs. 10 Crores

Purposes of Loan

Loan against property facilitates the borrower to deploy the availed amount of money into alternate verticals of financial usage. It imparts the flexibility on loan applicant to leverage LAP for both personal and business purposes. RattanIndia Finance imposes no restrictions on the usage of LAP but to name a few, we have mentioned below major purposes, which are accomplished in the appropriate manner with this financial product.

1. Business Expansion

We at RattanIndia Finance understand the significance of expanding business to reach the heights of success. LAP from our financial services would help you to get required sum of money that can fuel your business to grow larger.

2. Loan for purchase of commercial property

We help you to make purchase of commercial property with loan against your existing property that gives you sufficient amount of money to clinch the deal at best rate.

3. Purchase of raw material

Raw material for business operations can be purchased with LAP from RattanIndia Finance as it gives you the ease of getting loan approved in minimum time, which helps you to continue your regular business operations smoothly.

4. For Immediate Working Capital Requirement

We help you to fund the immediate financial requirement for working capital with our loan against property financial services that takes least time in documentation.

5. Investment in Technology & Machinery

Machinery, equipment and investment in technology is vital for any business growth and we help you to have enough finance to fund such requirement.

6. General Financial Needs

Financial needs have no boundary and we help you to get enough amounts of funds from loan against property that you can use in different purposes such as property renovation, higher studies, and travel expenses etc.

Personal Loan

Loan amount from Rs 1 Lakhs to Rs 25 Lakhs

Business Loan

Loan amount from Rs 5 Lakhs to Rs 50 Lakhs

Corporate Lending

Special Situation and Acquisition Financing