Wedding Loans to make your ceremonies memorable

In India, wedding is an occasion for a huge celebration with family and friends. Most weddings last up to five days. While the whole affair is fancy, it usually involves large expenses. To add to that, there is a pressure of funding honeymoon and other expenses like pre and post wedding photography, sangeet rehearsals, redecorating the house and in some cases even buying a new one. The cost of these little things come up as a surprise and can lead to stress for many couples while planning their grand day.

Managing expenses for turning dream wedding into reality is important for almost all and that’s where wedding loans come into play. While there are many wedding loan providers in India, not many individuals are aware of this offering. A wedding loan is nothing but a personal loan that can be used to pay for the cost of a wedding. Most couples don't have immediate access cash to pay for the deposits upfront. Wedding loan gives cash infusion that comes handy to cover deposits and other interim expenses to various vendors that play a significant role in creating your wedding day memorable. Careful planning to get a wedding loan can help ease the pressure of funding your dream wedding by stopping the costs spiraling out of control.

At first, the idea of taking a loan for making your big day memorable may not sound pleasing, but there are reasons that will make you consider.

  1. Indians don’t believe in the idea of court weddings. While few people might prefer their weddings to be simple and a low-cost affair; court wedding is still least preferred.

  2. Wedding budget and expenses on bride’s side is usually higher than their partners and it is not wise to exhaust all your savings to fund the wedding. You are starting a new chapter of your life why to begin it with financial stress.

  3. Opting a wedding loan ensures that your emergency funds and wish list for future is protected while ensuring that you make memories to remember on your wedding day. This is exactly the kind of need personal loans for wedding from RattanIndia Finance serves.


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6 Jan 2020