9 Days - Nine Business Lessons to learn this Navratri

Navratri is the high-spirited festival where Goddess Durga is celebrated in her different forms across the nation. With her aura, personality and story, goddess Durga does not only inculcates great devotion but has great leadership lessons for all entrepreneurs and business owners. Below are the nine qualities you can learn this Navratri to grow your business.

Learn Introspection from Goddess Shailputri

Shailpurti is the Goddess of Nature who guides us in the journey of discovering our purpose in life. The same goes with any business. You need to introspect the reason for becoming an entrepreneur much before you start any venture. The initial years of setting up a business is tough – arranging capital to build the growth momentum and choosing right financial partner who understands your business vision is critical. Even after you have built a successful enterprise, you need to continuously evaluate your business goals and improvise to best achieve it.

Learn determination from Goddess Brahmacharini

Goddess Bhramacharini is known for her determination. In the initial years of your business, being continuously determined to build a successful enterprise becomes very crucial. Acquiring new customers, arranging capital for growth, managing day to day operational expenses, maintaining high level of service, retaining excellence and being competitive in your offering, all at the same time can lead to burnout. You need to have a right team and partners who equally determined for the success of your business as you are.

Learn Vigilance from Goddess Chandraghanta

Goddess Chandraghanta is known for her knowledge and is very vigilant. To run a successful enterprise, you should have knowledge of the latest trends, be vigilant about the policy change in policies and regulations that impact your business and upgrade technology that will benefit your business.

Learn wealth creation from Goddess Kushmanda

Goddess Kushmanda is believed to bring prosperity and good health to her devotees. A successful business is one which keeps all its stakeholders happy. While you create wealth, make sure your enterprise is built on the foundation of customer centricity. Always keep a check on your employees emotional and financial well-being and ensure that the investments made by your partners and investors are profitable.

Learn compassion from Goddess Skandamata

Goddess Skandamata is a kind and compassionate goddess. Compassion is a key value to run a successful business. A compassionate leader inspires all team members to work together towards the business goals and motivates them to go out of their way and service the customers.

Learn the fighting spirit from Goddess Katyayani

Goddess Katyayani is a warrior goddess. Today businesses are very dynamic and with changing trends, policies and intense competition, you need to adapt your business to face these challenges. You need to learn the art to fight against all odds from Goddess Katyayani to make your business successful.

Learn to overcome difficulty from Goddess Kaalratri

Goddess Kaalratri is known as the destroyer of darkness. While building a successful enterprise, there will always be a phase of volatility where your business growth is unclear. This can be because of changing market dynamics, shortage of funds for growth or a wrong business call. Your stakeholders may panic in such situation. As a business leader, you need to regularly communicate with your stakeholders on your plan of action to overcome this temporary darkness.

Learn grooming and charisma from Goddess Mahagauri

Goddess Mahagauri is known for her luminous beauty and cheerful demeanour. As an entrepreneur, you need to be well groomed and cheerful while meeting prospective clients. You need to build a good first impression of you and your company among all stakeholders.

Learn to upgrade your knowledge and achieve deep skills from Goddess Siddhidatri

Goddess Siddhidatri is known to bestow insights and perpetual wisdom to her devotees. As an entrepreneur, you need to have thorough knowledge of your business and you need to constantly upgrade your skills to develop new strategies to grow your business.

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27 Sep 2019